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What is a Pogo Card?

Basic Information

The Pogo Card is a discount card featuring offers from over 175 restaurants, businesses, and golf courses in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. “POGO” is an acronym for “Purchase One, Get One.” The card has 2-year campaign cycle to give customers maximum value and plenty of time to redeem as many offers as possible. Pogo Cards sell for $20 each and are available for purchase online, through local fundraising organizations, and at the Pogo Office (located inside Lincoln Mobility).

How do I use a Pogo Card?

Each offer on the Pogo Card is accompanied by a set of circles that represent the number of allowed redemptions for that offer. Each time you redeem an offer on the card, you must present it so the participating business can mark off one of the circles (similar to a punch card).

Fundraising Information

One of the primary purposes of the Pogo Card is to offer a simple, profitable option for organizations looking to fundraise. With each of the fundraising plans we offer, organizations purchase cards for $10 each and resell them for $20. At $10 profit per card, it’s hard to find a better product to fundraise with.

A Brief History of Pogo

Phase 1: Preferred Dining Card

1994 - The Preferred Dining Card

Tim’s very first discount dining card, the Preferred Dining Card of ’94, featured 40 offers from over 25 businesses. There were three categories:

Buy One Menu Item, Get One Free

Buy One Menu Item, Get One ½ Price

Buy One Menu Item, Get One Beverage Free

The Preferred Dining Card was a restaurant-exclusive discount card, and it was distributed solely to Tim’s insurance clients.

Demand Grew...

As more and more individuals got word of the Preferred Dining Card, Tim began receiving request from people other than his clients: “How much would one of these cost?” “Where can I buy One?” Tim responded to these requests, and just one year later (1995), his first discount card for purchase and fundraising was released.
Phase 2: Gold Dining Card

1995 - The Gold Dining Card

In 1995, the Gold Dining Card became available for purchase. This card featured discounts from 37 businesses with offers from two categories:

Buy One Menu Item, Get One Free

Buy One Menu Item, Get One ½ Price

The Gold Dining Card would be the first of many to be sold via fundraising groups. Demand continued to grow, and the product kept improving. The “Purchase One Get One” concept produced a new idea for Tim…

Phase 3: Pogo Card

1996 - Pogo is Born!

“Purchase One, Get One”

With the release of the first “POGO” Card, “Buy One Get One” became “Purchase One Get One.” At a price of $25, “POGO” offers from 25 businesses brought tremendous value  for Pogo customers. The first Pogo Card featured the iconic blue, yellow, red, and green 4-panel logo with a two year lifespan (expiring in 1998).

Meet the Team.

Tim Gemar

Founder, Owner

Sam Gemar

Accountant | IT & Marketing Director